Lindsay Spears

10 Years Tutoring. Fluent Japanese & French.

Sydney Tutor

A former high school teacher, Lindsay has been tutoring English full time for the past 10 years with students from Years 4 to HSC. He has achieved outstanding success with students across all levels, especially in HSC with a high percentage of his students achieving Band Six results. Lindsay has achieved an almost 100% strike rate in gaining entry to Selective schools with students he has tutored. He has also guided multiple students in gaining 100% scholarships to exclusive Sydney private schools. In addition, Lindsay designed numerous tutoring courses in English at tutoring centres he previously worked at both for both primary and secondary school levels. Being extremely well read, with an abundant knowledge of literature and history, as well as speaking fluently in both Japanese and French, Lindsay provides students with a rich cultural knowledge from both an Australian and international level. This contributes significantly to the contextual knowledge of texts, so important for students in the later years of high school. Thorough, engaging and completely dedicated to his tutoring, Lindsay seeks the utmost results for his students.

Lindsay Spears​

10 Years Tutoring. Fluent Japanese & French.

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